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About Stumble Guys 2

Stumble Guys 2 is the second part of the multiplayer battle party knockout game series. In this part, you have to join the battles against other players in several mini-games. The main goal is to pass through obstacles and escalating chaos, race against other players, and survive to the last to claim victory.

Players have to overcome waves of bizarre obstacles and race as fast as possible. There are many opponents in the arena and they also have the same goal as you. Try to move as carefully and fast as possible to reach the finish line. If you are too slow or fall, you will be eliminated and won't be able to proceed to the next round. The last player to survive is the winner.
The game control is simple. You can move with the arrow keys or use the virtual joystick to move and jump.

This second part comes with more challenges and great features. It will surely keep you hooked for hours! Keep playing until you become the champion!

Stumble Guys 2 is an excellent sequel with a fun physics system, great new features, and challenges. Good luck and have fun!

How to play

Use arrow keys to move and jump.

Overcome obstacles and reach the finish line as fast as you can and be the last one to survive to win!

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