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About Slope Run

Slope Run is a running game where players must control a ball and roll through tons of obstacles without falling into the void.

How to play Slope Run game

The game sets in space. You play as a ball and move, jump to overcome obstacles and leaps. The ball will keep moving forward automatically and you have to control its movement. The main game's goal is to get as far as you can. There are full of leaps and obstacles that you need to avoid to progress. That's why this game is perfect for testing your reflexes.

You can choose between the Level mode or Infinite mode.

In the Level mode, you have to complete different levels. And if you fail to complete a level, you can restart again from that level.

In the Infinite mode, the route is endless. And when you lose the game, you must start all over again.

Whatever modes you choose, the speed of the ball will increase when you go further. And the obstacles that you must encounter will also become more complicated.

Game Features:

  • 2 game modes
  • Leaderboard
  • Cool graphics
  • Amazing gameplay
  • Various obstacles
  • Simple game controls

Game Controls:

On a computer

Use the Up arrow key to jump.

Use the Left or Right arrow keys to move. 

On mobile

Tap on the Up arrow on the screen to jump.

Tap on the left or right arrow keys to move. 

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