Shortcut Race 3D

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About Shortcut Race 3D

Shortcut Race 3D is a fun new game that is ideal for people of all ages and that you can play for free in any browser.

Along the course, collect as many boards as you can. When you have a large number of bricks, you can construct a bridge to establish a shortcut to the finish line.

Collect and stack wooden planks, bricks, or floors. They will be of assistance to you at difficult moments.
Be careful not to fall into the sea when you run out of bricks.

Ensure that you have enough decks to finish the map. You will have the opportunity to acquire the champion's crown if you grasp every scenario in the race.


  • More than ten boards to brighten up your bridge
  • Really difficult levels.
  • Games that are available for free
  • Pose a challenge to your buddies.

How to play

Use a mouse to move

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