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About Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is a multiplayer FPS io game in which you play as an armed egg and battle against real-time players across different maps.
In this game, you can equip your egg with a wide range of guns including Crackshot, Scrambler, Tri-Hard, Whipper, RPEGG, Free Ranger, EggK-47, and Cluck 9mm. Each weapon comes with different range and damage.

When you enter the game, you first name your character, then customize your egg, and pick one out of four game modes:

Free For All - Battle against other eggs and be the last egg to survive

Teams - Join a team (red or blue) and battle against the enemy team. The team with the most kills wins.

Captula the Spatula - Battle for possession of the Spatula

King of the Coop - Battle for an area known as the coop.

Shell Shockers game was developed by Blue Wizard Digital and released in September 2017. The game is available for different devices including Desktop, Android, and iOS.

How to play

WASD - Move

Left click - Shoot

R - Reload

Space - Jump

E - Change Weapon

Q - Throw grenade

Shift - Zoom and aim.

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