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About Rocket Bot Royale

Rocket Bot Royale is a survival shooting game with a battle royale formula. In this game, you must control your tank and try to survive as long as possible in the fierce competition. Destroy other players and collect coins to upgrade your tank and become the strongest and the last one standing.

The game sets on a massive sinking island. You need to control your tank and move around to destroy other tanks with your deadly rockets. The island is filled with strange enemy tanks. Try to aim and shoot precisely and quickly to destroy them before they shoot you. Once they are eliminated, you can collect loot and become stronger.

The game also features different goals. You can try to complete all the goals to level up. As you level up, you can access better weapons and perks and start with an advantage in every match.

Get ready for the battle and become the best tank on the island.

Game Features

  • Epic tank battles
  • Battle Royale formula
  • Fast-paced shootout
  • Different goals to complete
  • Gold, gems, and loot


Release Date

March 2022

Game Developer

Rocket Bot Royale was developed by Winterpixel Games

How to play

AD or left/right arrow key to move.

Mouse to aim. 

Left-click to shoot.

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