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About Ragdoll Archers

Ragdoll Archers is an archery game where players control a stickman character armed with bows and arrows. The goal of the game is to shoot down the opponents by aiming and firing accurately.

How to play Ragdoll Archers game

Game Modes

This game is designed to test your archery skills. You control a ragdoll stickman character and showcase your archery skills in different matches.

You can choose to play in 1 Player, PvP, or 2 Players Mode.

Aim and shoot the arrow

To win the match, you must aim and fire your arrow to defeat the opponents.

The game features a complicated damage system and you will notice this if you hit different body parts of the opponent. Try to aim and hit the most vulnerable spots to take down the enemy quickly. Try to kick them off the platform or make their health deplete. It is not easy to take control of the ragdoll archer because of its strange physics.

Hit the apples

You can also find apples during the match. Hit the apples to collect health and stamina.

Red apple: +30 health

Yellow apple: + 30 health, +30 stamina

Green apple: +30 stamina

Remember that shooting requires stamina. So aim and fire the arrow precisely and try not to waste stamina. Because once it depletes, you won't be able to draw the bowstring back and propel it toward the target! Your stamina will increase slowly if you stay still and do nothing. 

Upgrade the ragdoll archer and arrows

There's also a hero progression system that allows players to evolve and upgrade the skills of the ragdoll character. As you win a match, you will earn a skull. Use your earned skulls to upgrade the abilities of your ragdoll character such as health, stamina, full speed, damage, armor, and more.

You can also unlock new types of powerful arrows when you earn enough score!


1 Player Mode

Left click, hold, aim, and release to shoot the arrow.

Spacebar to jump.

PvP Mode and 2 Players Mode

Player 1:

WASD to control the archer.

Left-Shift to jump.

Player 2:

Arrow keys to control the archer.

Right-Shift to jump.

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