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About Pokedoku

Pokedoku is a Pokemon trivia game that is played in a 3x3 square. The goal is to guess all 9 Pokemon that match both categories of the row and column. You only have 9 tries to solve the puzzle.

How to play Pokedoku game

Pokedoku game is a mixture of Wordle, Pokemon, and Sudoku. It tests your Pokemon knowledge as you must find all of the Pokemon.

The game is presented in a 3x3 square. At the top of each box features criteria. It can be type, region, generation, rarity, and many more. In each box, you must enter a monster that meets both criteria at the top and left side of the box.

Basic rules:

  • Fill in the 3x3 grid with Pokémon that meet the criteria
  • You only get 9 chances to guess all of the hidden Pokémon! There can't be even a single mistake.
  • A Pokemon can not be used twice!
  • There can be multiple right answers for a box.

In this game, you can even get bonus points by entering picks that others haven't used much.

When you solve the puzzle, don't forget to share your score and achievement on social media! There is one challenge a day and you can come back to the game every day to take on a new challenge!

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