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About Papa's Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria is a dessert shop management game where players have to take orders, serve sweets to customers, and make them happy. It's one of the games in the Papa Louie series.

How to play Papa's Freezeria

The game takes place in Calypso, a tropical island. You can choose to play as either Alberto or Penny and run the ice cream shop while Papa Louie is away on his vacation.

When the customer arrives, you have to take the order and make the sweet exactly as they order. You have to be precise and fast at the same time.

Otherwise, the customers will get angry if they have to wait for too long or if you serve them the wrong sweet.

There are various types of ingredients and toppings that you have to remember. And it will surely take some time to get used to the game. Practice and rush the hour.

Don't forget to complete achievements and serve VIP customers to increase your wages and run the shop successfully! Good luck and have fun with Papa's Freezeria cooking game.

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