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About Only Up

Only Up is a parkour game set in a junkyard where players take the role of Jackie and try to leap, jump, and climb up a series of objects to reach the space!

How to play Only Up game

Welcome to the world of parkour! In this game, you play as Jackie and your objective is to try to get to a high spot using different objects.

The junkyard features a wide range of objects ranging from pipes, and trampolines, to bridges, and more. These random objects can be used to help you get a higher place. Climb up various structures with your skills.

There is no checkpoint in the game. You need to be careful because even the slightest mistake can make you fall down, and send you plummetting all your way back to the start of the game!

Only Up unblocked has become a new obsession in the online gaming world. It's tempting to climb above the clouds!

Play it now online for free and try to get as high as possible.

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