Noob Vs Pro Stick War

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About Noob Vs Pro Stick War

Noob vs Pro: Stick War is a battle strategy game where you have to build your army and fight against the opponents to win the war.

How to play Noob vs Pro: Stick War

In this game, you have to grow a powerful army and battle against opponents. You need to have wise strategies to defeat the opponents. First, choose your units. Then, collect resources to build your bases to defend. It is important to create the most powerful army possible. 

If you are a fan of stickman, this game is perfect for you. More than that, it features Minecraft graphics. And you can have a taste of both Stickman and Minecraft games. 

Noob vs Pro: Stick War is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Game Features:

  • Stickman war
  • 2D Minecraft graphics
  • Challenging strategy game
  • Numerous levels

Game control:

Use your left mouse button to interact in the game.

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