Noob Snake 2048

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About Noob Snake 2048

Noob Snake 2048 is an addictive snake adventure based on the legendary 2048. As Noob, collect colorful cubes and get a spectacular score. Rank on the leaderboard while enjoying the dramatic and enthralling snake journey.

How to play Noob Snake 2048

Carefully explore every corner of the vast arena, searching for valuable items such as diamond helmets, golden armor, delicious carrots and fragrant cakes. However, be wary, as dangerous obstacles lurk in your path, which can destroy your advantage in the blink of an eye. Stay away from campfires, sticky cobwebs, and other traps. Occasionally, a cool summer rain fills the arena, increasing the speed of all players. Seize this moment to suddenly attack the nearest opponent. Devouring blocks from other players will knock them down.

Game mode

Choose from three exciting game modes: Normal, Survival, or Arena.

  • Normal: Collect blocks and reach the maximum score of 262k before your opponent beats you.
  • Survival: Get the highest score within the time limit.
  • Arena: A battle royale where the goal is to be the last survivor.

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