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About Minecraftle

Minecraftle is a combination of Wordle and Minecraft game where players must craft the secret item from the ingredients in the inventory within 10 guesses.

How to play Minecraftle game

Find the secret item

This word puzzle game combines the concept of the word guessing game Wordle and the world of Minecraft. You are provided with certain ingredients in the Crafting Ingredients Inventory. You must drag ingredients into the grid to create item. Try to find the secret item within 10 guesses.

Square color feedback

After each guess, the grid color will change to give you feedback.

If the square is still grey, then the ingredient you placed is not in the recipe.

If it's orange, the ingredient you placed needs to place somewhere else on the grid.

If it's green, the ingredient you placed is correct and in the right spot.

Daily and Random mode

The game offers both Daily and Random mode. In the Daily mode, there is only one puzzle a day.

In the Random mode, you can try as many random puzzles as you want!

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