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About Let's Find Larry

Let's Find Larry is a fun game where you overcome difficulties to get gold. To win in this hectic game, you'll need to have rapid reflexes and intelligent thinking. Let's explore how to play Let's Find Larry and the different medals you may win.

How to play Let's Find Larry

The objective of Let's Find Larry is to gather useful objects while dodging or vaulting over the obstacles. Make sure you have enough beer so you can play at a respectable pace the whole time. Recall that although slower speeds provide superior response time—especially when handling spinning blades—faster speeds yield more points. To jump over an obstacle, use the spacebar first; take care not to leap over anything that contains alcohol.

Achievements in Let's Find Larry

  • Barely Broken (5 points): To survive and get this medal, smash through a brick wall at full speed. Refrain from riding Doug to get this achievement.
  • Crushing Victory (5 points): Complete 20 hurdles in a single game while moving quickly and drinking a lot of beer.
  • Doug Mount (10 points): Track down and get on the town drunk, Doug, for an exciting ride. While riding Doug, collect beer to maintain your pace and steer clear of hazards.
  • To get 10 points for Fresh and Fruity, locate a rare pineapple in the game. This is an elusive fruit that comes seldom, so keep a lookout for it.
  • Hungry Muncher (10 points): To win this medal, eat 50 pieces of fruit in a single run.
  • Super Dog (10 points): For ten seconds, ride Pup at maximum speed without stopping. Continue to gather beer at a steady pace, and keep in mind that you may get this medal while riding Doug.
  • Closest Shave Ever (25 points): To get this difficult medal, you must leap over five spinning blades in one run.

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