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About Gold Miner

Gold Miner is a gold mining game with classic gameplay. Collect gold, diamonds, stones, and minerals to reach your goal every day.
Are you ready to become the boss of the largest gold mine on the planet? The tapping game helps you practice your quick reflexes.
Explore many lands with many valuable resources.
When you have a lot of coins, you can upgrade and buy items like landmines.
You can buy power-up items such as dynamite, stone collection book, strength, diamond polish, lucky flower.

Hurry up
Pay attention to the passage of time
You can play the game on your computer, phone, and any browser.
Work hard to dig as many items as possible.
Gold digging game suitable for all ages. Relax anytime, anywhere.
No downloads
Free Games
Smooth games
Lovely graphics
Exciting rewards for you at each level

How to play

Use a mouse

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