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Currently, there are many different versions of Geometry Dash HTML5 created. It's basically the same game, but we're going to present you with the original classic Geometry Dash game, the first version created by RobTop. This version of the game has received positive reviews from players and critics.

Geometry Dash is a dynamic game, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles.
Fly and dance your way and follow the musical rhythm of the game.

Much of the game is to train your general training and reflexes. Each level will have a reward when you pass. A game with 21 increasing levels for you to explore freely. On the music background of the developer, Robert Topala makes the game more exciting than ever. Play Geometry Dash on platforms: web,  iOS, Android, and Windows phones. Games for everyone, simple and fun.

How to play: Touch the screen or click to control the block.

Way to win the game Geometry Dash.

- First of all, relax, don't stress.  Choose the right strategy.
- Use practice mode. If you encounter an insurmountable difficulty level, switch the game mode back to practice state. Practice as much as you want to get used to the pace, the path, and the rise of the levels.
- Don't collect all the secret coins:
If you are focused to pass the levels, let go of the desire to collect secret coins. Since getting secret coins you need to go a path that can be difficult, and you can end the game right here. Of course, if you have experience overcome all difficulties then you can collect secret coins  to reach the end and, unlock the next level

- You can see Geometry Dash pretty nice graphics, blinking sound effects. But only in the beginning, the more later these sound images will distract you. The advice for you is to rest!



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