FNF Week 8

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About FNF Week 8

FNF Week 8 is a music game that attracts everyone who loves thumping rhythms. You are a rock musician and show off your superior singing skills to your girlfriend. Impress that beautiful and intelligent girl with heartwarming songs!

How to play FNF Week 8

  • You fall in love endlessly with a smart and beautiful girl but her father challenges you. You must join the rhythm battle to receive approval from her father. Try your best! Remember to press the arrows to match the music and keep the beat. 8 long weeks to please that girl's father, you can do it!
  • You will have to fight musically with characters like Daddy Dearest, Skid Pump, and Pico. Focused. Your carelessness will pay the price!
    The game has three levels: easy, with a hard mode that is super hard. If you want to practice, there's a free play mode so you can practice each song separately.

Game Controls

Use WASD or Arrow Keys to play. You must press the keys when the notes reach the judgment line.
You can Start or Pause with the Enter key.

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