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About Flip Bottle

Flip Bottle is a one-button game in which you need to flip the bottle through objects and reach the finishing line. If you drop the bottle on the floor, you lose the game.

There are different platforms that you can land on including sofas, chairs, and tables. Try to flip the bottle properly to win the game. You can jump, or double jump to make the bottle land on different objects. It's very simple, just click on the screen at the right time to jump and click the second time while the bottle is in the air to double flip and reach a higher place.

The game features multiple levels to challenge your skills. When you complete a level, you can earn coins and spend them to unlock different bottles. It's a simple but challenging game. Can you complete all levels in the Flip Bottle game?

Game Features:

Colorful 2D graphics

24 bottles to unlock.

Engaging gameplay

How to play

Left-click to jump.

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