Eggy Car

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About Eggy Car

Eggy Car is a fantastic casual game in which you play as an egg and drive your car over rocky and hilly roads. Try to drive as far as you can without making the egg fall out of the car.

How to play Eggy Car game

The goal of the game is to drive as far as you can. The egg does not wear a seatbelt so it can easily fall out of the car. You need to drive carefully.

Your score depends on how far you can get. And as you travel further, you can collect coins and power-ups which can help you get further easily.

You can invest your coins in new cars and designs.

If the egg drops off the vehicle, try again and see if you can beat the previous score.

Play it now and tell us your score!

Release date

February 2019

Game developer

Beedo Games

Game Controls:

Use A or Left arrow to go backward.

Use D or Right arrow to go forward.

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