Duck Life

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About Duck Life

Duck Life is an adventure where you must train a little duck to become a strong duck that can race, fly, swim, and win every race.

How to play Duck Life

  • Train

In this game, you must train the duck in different skills including flying, running, and swimming.

At first, the level of these skills is 0. You must take the duck to the training place to grow these skills.

Besides, the duck also needs to eat seed or skill seed to grow its energy.

  • Race

When your energy and skills are strong enough, you can enter a race and compete with other ducks. You must run, jump, fly, or swim and try to become the first player to reach the finish line to win the race.

  • Customize the duck

In the Duck Shop, you can customize your duck. Buy hats, and change their color.

You can also find seeds in the duck. Buy it to increase the energy of the duck.

Eat seed or skill seed to increase your energy.

Game Controls


Click to jump over rolling objects.


Press the Up arrow to jump.

Press the Down arrow to dive.


Click and drag to go up or down.

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