Doodle Arena

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About Doodle Arena

Doodle Arena is a casual but engaging fighting game. You will play the role of a mighty warrior. There, each attack is a delicate stroke, and each counterattack is a strategic work of art.

How to play Doodle Arena

  • Swimming underwater is magical but also contains many dangers. Collect dazzling orbs to increase your power and unlock special moves like "Crazy" or "Invisibility". Unique items will become great assistants in your survival journey.
  • However, always be alert, the enemy will constantly increase in strength, equipping themselves with formidable improvements. Become a master of combat, combining attacks and dodges perfectly to conquer the Doodle Arena.


  • Mouse = move
  • Left mouse/space/enter = shoot
  • Right mouse/W/up arrow = dash


  • Thrilling Strategy game: fine balance between attack and defense
  • Unlock powerful rewards that appear randomly, giving you an outstanding advantage
  • Defeat enemies and absorb crystals to expand your power
  • Unlock achievements and improve your abilities
  • Meet other warriors in the vibrant online arena
  • Track your progress and compete with other players on the leaderboards


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