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About Basketball Challenge

Basketball Challenge is a fun basketball game where your goal is to score as many balls as you can. The game features two game modes including Normal and Endless modes.

How to play Basketball Challenge?

If you select the normal mode, you will have to go through different levels. In each level, you need to score the required number of balls. Try to aim carefully and throw the ball in the basket. If you can't complete the mission, you will lose the game. Keep trying until you can accomplish the mission and complete all of the levels that the game has to offer.

In the Endless mode, you are given three balls in total when you start the game. And you can play until your balls run out. You will lose a ball each time if fails to throw it in the basket. 

No matter the mode you try, it's a real challenge because the basket doesn't stand still. It will move left, right, up, and down. 

Basketball Challenge is a fantastic game for every age. 

Game control:

Swipe in the direction you want and release to throw the ball.

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