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About Backpack Battles

Backpack Battles is a unique and innovative auto-battle game. Players will take on the role of adventurers tasked with gathering the strongest backpacks of items to defeat their opponents.

How to play Backpack Battles

Players must carefully consider the placement and arrangement of these items to maximize their synergy and create powerful combinations. Weapons, potions, treasures, and allies make up Backpack Battle's vast assortment. These rare, common, and legendary items have increased power and unique abilities. Players can buy items, craft them, or get them as rewards.

Instructional controls

Backpack Battles has easy-to-use controls. Using a mouse or keyboard, players can traverse menus, choose objects, and arrange them in their backpacks.

Tips to play Backpack Battles

The best Backpack Battles combinations depend on your playstyle and preferences, although there are a few universally good strategies:

  • Prioritise item combinations that increase damage, healing, or defensive bonuses.
  • Consider item ratio: Legendary items have stronger effects and synergies than common items. Get and use legendary items in your builds.
  • Change with the situation: Avoid predefined builds. Adapt your item combinations to the obstacles and opponents you face.
  • Combinations: The game lets you combine items with recipes, and knowing which ones work best will help you win. Combos are subjective, but each playstyle has essentials.

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