Idle Zombie Guard

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About Idle Zombie Guard

Idle Zombie Guard is an idle game where you must fight against waves of zombies using your weapon and protect the servers. The zombies will get stronger over time and you need to upgrade your weapons to defeat them.

About Idle Zombie Guard

The zombies are trying to destroy the servers and you, as a guard, have to fight your way against the zombies to save the servers. There are various weapons that you can use. As you defeat the zombies, you can earn coins to improve your weapons and towers by going to the Market section. You can also get an extra life bar in this place.

You have to upgrade your weapons and power because the zombies will become stronger after each wave. 

Can you stop the zombies and keep your servers safe in the Idle Zombie Guard game?

How to play

Player 1:

WASD to move.

F to hit.

G to grenade.

Q to switch weapons.

Player 2:

Arrow keys to move.

L to hit.

K to grenade.

P to switch weapons.

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