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About Idle Arks: Build at Sea

Idle Arks: Build at Sea is a casual survival game in which you must build a raft to survive in the sea, save other survivors, and form the building crew to explore new civilizations across the sea.

A sudden flood disaster has submerged the world and you need to pick up wood and other materials to build a raft for survival. 

You can swim to collect different items like treasure chests and bottles. When your boat is ready, sail it to save the survivors and make a building crew. The more crewmates you have, the faster the boat is built.
You can receive rewards by building boats and then unlock different building materials.

Idle Arks is a fun idle game where players can try on Noah's work. It's time for a fantastic sea adventure!

Game Features:

  • Life on the sea experience
  • Colorful graphics
  • Raft building and upgrade
  • Idle rewards
  • Various building materials and boats to unlock
  • Multiple surviving islands
  • 3D full-angle view

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