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About Food Empire Inc

Food Empire Inc is an idle game in which you must grow your farm and become a food emperor. Hire workers and start planting crops, harvesting, and selling your products to make money. 

There are different kinds of food and vegetables that you can grow on your farm including lettuce, strawberry, ginseng, and many more. Wait for them to ripen then harvest and sell them to collect coins and upgrade your farm operations. You can even hire managers to do the job for you. They will help you manage your farm automatically. 

Just like any other idle game, Food Empire Inc has simple game controls. You just need to use your left mouse button to interact with different objects. You start the game with a few employees and crops. Work your way and bring prosperity to your farm. 

How to play

Click or tap on the lab workers to get them to do the job.

Use your left mouse button to interact.

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