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About Jewelry Idle

Jewelry Idle is a fun idle game where you become rich by making your jewelry. Invest in a factory and produce your sparkling diamonds and rubies. Upgrade the factory to produce more exquisite jewelry. Will you become the richest person here?

How to play Jewelry Idle

Jewelry is more than just jewelry; they are art products that can express your unique style and personality. At your own arts and crafts store, you'll be immersed in a warehouse world where creativity and passion blend. Create beautiful works that make everyone fall in love with you. Satisfy the tastes of the most discerning customers with your sophisticated and unique designs. You will see your business reach new heights, becoming a shining star in power jewelry.


  • Experience fully immersive home entertainment
  • The interface design is minimalist and easy to use
  • The gameplay style is intuitive, easy to get used to, bringing joy from the first moments
  • New features are waiting for you to unlock, promising exciting experiences


Use the left mouse button to click on objects and drag the left mouse button to move the character. Or you can use arrow keys to play the game.

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