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About Idle Volcanic Island

Idle Volcanic Island is a great simulator where you can create your own unique island. In the middle of the vast ocean, where there is nothing but water, you can build an island. Is the island beautiful? Let's join and answer this question!

How to play Volcanic Island Idle

  • Initially, touch the screen in the circle and create a volcano. The ruins will quickly become an island. Continue pressing to create volcanoes and expand your island. Note that this can burn the wonders and frustrate tourists if they get hot!
  • Your mission is to build a beautiful island and attract many tourists.
  • The boats will carry many passengers all over the world. Their satisfaction will be paid in money. Use that money to build your own oasis. Buy exotic birds and animals to attract more visitors and promote your business to unprecedented heights.

Game Features

  • Upbeat and attractive background music with lapping ocean waves brings the flavor of the coming summer
  • Time-killing idle game for all ages
  • Vivid, colorful 3D graphics
  • Simple control with clicks
  • Requires investment and hard work as you have to build an island and do business on it

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