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About Minecube

Minecube is an exciting clicker game in a wonderful cubic world. Click a lot and quickly to make money and build your own empire. You also need to use that money to invest in workers and other resources. Join the game now!

How to play Minecube

  • Initially you will click on the green blocks and it will generate the first amount of money. Use the money to hire miners, giants and even wizards with magical staffs.
  • You also need to consider investing in miners' working speed, power, value of each block... This is very important in competing with players around the world.
  • Clear the island area of all cubes to move to the next location with new unique landscape. Use destructive spells to cause massive earthquakes, lightning strikes or meteor showers. Grow your empire and get awesome daily bonuses while playing the game!


Minecube is not just an ordinary game, but also a place where you are creative, showing your ability to work hard and be patient. You need to skillfully invest in items and human resources to unlock amazing landscapes around the world. Let's explore the magical world of Minecube together, my loves!

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